Black Helmet Productions was founded with the goal of bringing little known struggles for justice to a broader public, with the hope of not only delivering new information to global audiences, but also of encouraging people to take concrete action to create a better world.

Founded in 2007 by Jason Kirkpatrick and Sigrid Oberer, BHP’s first project was documenting social movements in Southeast Asia, which resulted in the ACTION IN ASIA dvd project. Covering themes such as gentrification, anti-militarist movements, and other grassroots campaigns, Action in Asia films have now had showings in over 15 countries. A number of other documentaries have also been produced in Berlin in the meantime.

Inspired by the recent spate of outed undercover police across Europe, such as the case of Director Jason Kirkpatrick’s former “friend” Mark Kennedy in the UK, BHP has begun work on a major documentary film entitled Spied Upon. Kennedy, acting as agent provocateur, had tried to provoke Kirkpatrick to commit violent crime in Germany. Featuring a number of activists in many countries closest to those undercover officers who had deceived them, the documentary hopes to explain the perspectives, goals and passions of these individuals, as well taking a systemic analysis of what appears to be a new phase of political policing against activists. As lawsuits now begin to be filed by activists in various countries against an all-too-powerful state, this documentary plans to be as current as ever upon release.