Zenkyoto and Student Movements Now –
(9:56 min, Japanese/ German language, subtitled in 5 languages, DV, 2011, from the Action in Asia DVD)
A history of Japanese student protests from the 1960’s until today. Includes original photos and footage of street battles from Tokyo in the ’60’s. Camera and Interview by Jason Kirkpatrick.
For subtitles in 5 languages, click on “cc”.
Neukölln Unlimited (trailer) –
(2:02 min, German language, subtitled, 2010)
This prize winning documentary from Indi Film follows the Lebanese migrant family of Hassan (18), Lial (19) and Maradona (14) through the Berlin district of Neukölln. All are successful musicians and breakdancers who grew up with Hip Hop and street dance, that is their language and their passion. Problems arise as unemployment might lead to deportation and Maradona gets himself into more and more trouble at school. Still touring and playing festivals globally, Neukölln Unlimited is co-directed, written and edited with BHP editor Agostino Imondi.
Noise and Resistance (trailer) –
(2:02 min, trailer in English language, full length film multi-language, 2011)
Documentary about a globally interconnected scene built on autonomy and solidarity, which has declared war on capitalism and the status quo. Whether they are squatters in Barcelona, antifascists in Moscow, queer inhabitants of Berlin’s self-governed trailer parks, Dutch unionists, or aging activists of England’s CRASS collective – they can all be brought down to one common denominator: their protest and music as their means and tool to express it. Directed by Julia Ostertag and Francesca Araiza Andrade (BHP Camerawoman).